"Volunteering today made me even more proud to be a member of the Coal Creek Family Y."

- Y Member

  • Name of Project: Salvation Army Dinner
  • YMCA: Coal Creek Family YMCA
  • Partner: The Salvation Army – Renton, Washington
  • Date: July 2015

The Renton Community Supper is held four nights a week at the Salvation Army in Renton, Washington, bringing neighbors together to assist anyone who needs a meal and warm company. The Togetherhood® Committee at the Coal Creek Family Y, a branch of the YMCA of Greater Seattle, recruited members to provide, prepare, and serve food together.

The committee collected over 40 pounds of chicken and beef, eight pounds of lettuce, 35 tomatoes, 10 onions and 12 pounds of shredded cheese to make an amazing taco bar. Their project generated so much interest that they collected an additional 100 pounds of food to give out for weekend meals. Over 60 people stopped by to enjoy a delicious meal and spend time sharing stories with others.

“This was truly a meaningful experience for our members and staff,” said Associate Executive Director Sara Biancofiori. “We all had the opportunity to give back, to do something good, to be a bright spot in someone’s days.” One member who had never volunteered with the Y said, “I had no idea the Y volunteered out in the community.”

“This is exactly why I believe so much in Togetherhood; it is going to change the way we serve our community,” said Biancofiori.

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