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News From the Y

The Y Embarks on Its First National Advertising Campaign

The Y is launching its first-ever national advertising campaign, and The New York Times reports how we hope it helps change public perception and raise funds for Y programs throughout the country. 
New York Times

Y Highlights Mentors as a Critical Teen Relationship

YMCA of the USA

YMCA of the USA's VP of Youth Development Jorge Perez writes about the importance of mentors in a teen's life. 
NBC News Education Nation

Which Big National Players Are Joining Forces to Make a Local Health Impact?

The Y and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently announced a 10-year partnership to help foster a "Culture of Health" in local communities. 
Inside Philanthropy

Dinners at Dorchester YMCA Building Bonds Among Students

Teens in Boston find a safe, welcoming space and a warm meal at the Dorchester YMCA. 
The Boston Globe

The Impact of Rebranding on the YMCA with Kate Coleman

For those interested in marketing, Y-USA's own Kate Coleman takes a deep dive into the Y's 2010 rebranding in this Driving Participation podcast interview. or
Driving Participation

Diabetes Prevention Becomes Lucrative Growth Industry

YMCA of the USA's National Health Officer Matt Longjohn was interviewed about the growing market in diabetes prevention. Longjohn asks whether people are willing to make the changes they need to prevent diabetes.

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