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The Y helps young people overcome barriers related to hunger, health, learning, water safety and access to safe spaces.

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New YMCA Veggie Van rolling into Tampa food deserts

TAMPA — Kids might not chase after it like they would the ice cream man, but grown-ups are eager to take advantage of a new mobile vegetable stand that soon will roll into neighborhoods lacking in grocery options.
Tampa Tribune

How to Avoid the 'Summer Slide' with Kids' Eating

The results are in: Kids aren't eating as healthily in the summer as they do the rest of the year. Here's how to keep their nutrition on track when they're on summer break.

The Y.M.C.A.’s Work Outside the Gym

Jane E. Brody--As a Y.M.C.A. member since 1984, I know it as a great place to become and remain fit, make friends and receive encouragement and support.
New York Times

How The YMCA Helped Shape America

As the Y gets ready to turn 171 years old, NPR History takes a look on how the Y helped Shape America
NPR History Department

The Power of Prevention: U.S. health care reform should focus on prevention efforts to cut skyrocketing costs

U.S. News and World Report

Kevin Washington featured NBC Chicago CEO Spotlight

Kevin Washington, CEO, YMCA of the USA, explains how this 160 year old organization works - putting Christian principles in practice to ensure healthy kids and healthy communities. With key initiatives in diabetes prevention, "hop the gap" summer programs for kids, and support of STEM programs, the YMCA is a vital resource in the 10,000 communities it serves across the country.   

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Dealing With Running Pain and Staying Healthy

Have a happy 4th of July! (photo credit: iStock)

Runners give advice on addressing running pain during workouts, treating with ice, and preventative ways to stay healthy. Also tips on purposeful running and stroller workouts to do with your kids during the holiday weekend. Happy 4th!

Berry Care

Berries like blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are very delicate and require special care. (photo credit: Thinkstock/Collection: iStock)

Berries like blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are very delicate and require special care.

Real Life in the Y: Jordan Dubois

"Leading is all about effort and focus."

Jordan is part of the Emerging Leaders Resource Network, an employee group dedicated to giving voice to young leaders across the country who have or are thinking about careers at the Y. This is his real life at the Y.

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