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Have Fun with Flavor, Shape and Color
Your local farmers' market or the produce aisle in your grocery store is full of interesting shapes, textures and colors inviting youthful exploration. It is also full of flavors, but you’ll have to take some of them home and try them to experience that for yourself. Make trying new things fun by building a “real foods” adventure into your trips to the market or the produce section. Bring some new fruits or vegetables home and try them raw or cooked in a variety of ways. Involve the kids in the process and watch their willingness to try new things grow and flourish.
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Be Patient; Good Things Take Time
Adults can get frustrated when children refuse to eat food that is presented to them. The experts at the Harvard Prevention Research Center suggest that an easier and healthier way to avoiding mealtime meltdowns might be to think of adults and children as each having different jobs with respect to food. Adults, it is your job to determine what food to offer, when meals will take place, and where they will be eaten. As for the kids, it is entirely their job to decide whether to eat it or not and how much. But, it is definitely not the adult’s job to be a made-to-order cook. If the kids refuse what you’ve offered, even if it means not eating at all, then that is their choice. Keep presenting them with healthy, tasty and nutritious foods, and they will begin to eat as their needs dictate.

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