Executive Leader - West Branch

The Executive Leader position is a high-profile leadership position that is responsible for the Branch’s overall direction, and success.


West Philadelphia YMCA


Philadelphia, PA 19139-3429

Job Description

The Executive Leader position is a high-profile leadership position that is responsible for the Branch’s overall direction, coordination, operation, and success.The Executive Leader will ensure the Branch meets or exceeds financial goals, while providing remarkable leadership in areas of member experience, team member experience, sales, in-Branch business performance, and member participation.

The Executive Leader will provide daily support to a team of 150+ team members and offer ongoing leadership, motivation, and development.They are responsible for casting, coaching, communication, alignment, and holding Department Leaders accountable to collective Greater Philadelphia YMCA expectations.The Executive Leader will also act as the Branch ambassador to provide each member a great experience.

Under extraordinary circumstances, all leaders will be asked to flex into areas they might not normally work in as well as contribute a greater degree of direct service in addition to their typical leadership responsibilities. These circumstances vary but may include but not be limited to those that result in the need for reduced hours while the amount of service being provided may still remain the same.


  • Master’s Degree preferred, Bachelors Graduate or Equivalent
  • 5+ years experience in fitness, retail, recreation management or hospitality industries
  • 5+ years experience managing 150+ team members
  • 5+ years experience managing Profit and Loss (P&L) statements/revenue/EBITDA budgets
  • Experience providing high-end member service and managing member concerns
  • Track record of success in a performance driven work environment
  • Excellent interviewing skills
  • Ability to sit, stand, walk, reach, climb and lift up to 50 pounds

Essential Functions

  • Promote(s) and represent(s) the mission and values of the YMCA.Participate as a member of the association staff team and contribute to a consistent YMCA image.
  • Performs daily walk-through inspections to ensure that all areas of the Branch are clean, neat, organized, and like new
  • Analyzes Net Promoter Scores to ensure the best member experience is delivered
  • Manages budgets, forecasts revenue and expenses for each department monthly/quarterly/annually
  • Manages supplies, payroll, cost of goods, and expenses for each department monthly/quarterly/annually
  • Cultivates an engaged advisory board and connects members to the mission and purpose of the YMCA culminating in their commitment to volunteerism and financial support (fundraising)
  • Implements effective fund raising strategies to attain objectives.Build volunteer and community resources and support to the YMCA.
  • Meets one-on-one weekly with each Department Managers/Leaders to ensure KPI’s are followed and the departments are meeting and exceeding budgetary goals
  • Mentors (and motivates) Department Managers/Leaders to ensure continuous growth through training, developing, direction, assessing performance, and providing feedback
  • Provides effective individual performance evaluations and recognition programs and awards
  • Creates and sustains an environment that values all people for their unique talents. Takes an active role in promoting and leveraging practices that support diversity, inclusion, global engagement and cultural competence.
  • Build(s) community resources through the cultivation and development of relationships.Actively engage members, volunteers and community leaders in the Y mission. Authorizes new hires, promotions, employee status changes, and terminations with the Department Leaders
  • Promotes and sustains an environment where Safety and Child Protection are at the highest priority and has zero tolerance for non-compliance.
  • Develops positive, collaborative relationships with school administration, parent-teacher organizations, outside vendor staff and GPY staff including Association Office support staff

How to Apply

Apply Online

Opens in a new window https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Greater-Philadelphia-Ymca/jobs?jk=a2a27701c026d17b&q=executive%20leader&l=philadelphia%2C%20pa&start=0

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