School Age Director

Develops, organizes and implements high-quality school age program.


Wichita Falls Metropolitan YMCA


Wichita Falls, TX 76301-3212

Job Description

The School Age Director develops, organizes and implements high-quality school age (K-5th grade) before and after school programs, summer and holiday break camps and family programs.


  • Previous experience required.
  • The School Age Director must meet or exceed director state licensing requirements for age, education, and experience. A Bachelor’s or Associates degree in Early Childhood Education is preferred.
  • The School Age Director must be qualified to drive the company vehicles when needed.
  • The School Age Director must maintain a current CPR/AED/First Aid certificate, as well as maintain a current Food Handler’s certificate.
  • The School Age Director must be willing and able to work at any school site as needed to meet the program’s needs.
  • The School Age Director must be willing to serve as a Director on Texas Child Care Licensing.
  • The School Age Director must maintain at least 30+ hours of training each year.
  • YMCA Competencies (Team Leader)



(1)A bachelor’s degree with 12 college credit hours in child development and six college credit hours in management,

and at least one year of experience in a licensed childcare center;

(2) An Associate’s of applied science degree in child development or a closely related field with six college credit hours in child development and six college credit hours in management. A “closely related field” is any educational instruction pertaining to the growth, development, physical or mental care, or education of children ages birth through 13 years,

and at least two years of experience in a licensed childcare center;

(3) Sixty college credit hours with nine college credit hours in child development and six college credit hours in management,

and at least two years of experience in a licensed childcare center;

(4) A child-care administrator’s certificate from a community college with at least 15 college credit hours in child development and three college credit hours in management,

and at least two years of experience in a licensed childcare center;

(5) A Child Development Associate credential or Certified Child-Care Professional credential with six college credit hours in management,

and at least two years of experience in a licensed childcare center;

6) A day-care administrator’s credential issued by a professional organization or educational institution and approved by Licensing based on criteria specified in Subchapter P of Chapter 745 of this title, (relating to Day-Care Administrator’s Credential Program),

and at least two years of experience in a licensed childcare center; or

(7) Nine college credit hours in child development and nine college credit hours in management,

and at least three years of experience in a licensed childcare center.

Other Requirements

  • Completion and satisfactorily passing of fingerprint background check.
  • Within 30 days of hire completion of: Child Abuse Prevention and Risk Management training; CPR; First Aid; AED; Food Handlers Certification and Bloodborne Pathogens. Adhere to association and position training requirements.
  • Excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to respond to safety and emergency situations.
  • Experience and the ability to relate effectively to diverse groups of people from all social and economic segments of the community.

Essential Functions


•Prepares curriculum and activities each week for developmentally appropriateness and gives applicable feedback to staff.

•Ensures that curriculum and activities are implemented accurately and effectively.

•Trains and coach school age counselors on Active Supervision and Conscious Discipline techniques/practices. Ensures that Active Supervision & Conscious Discipline are implemented in all programs/sites by all staff.

•Maintains proper records/department files. Collects weekly transportation sheets, sign in and out sheets, and daily meal count sheets from the Counselors each week.

•Assists in putting together the School’s monthly calendar (School Age content).

•Conducts monthly site observations. Responsible for all school age program compliance with Texas Rising Star.

•Posts evidence of learning on the School’s social media account weekly.

•Performs Parent/Teacher conferences, as needed.

•Ensures that all School Age staff knows and comply with Texas School-Age and Before or After-School Programs Minimum Standards.

School Programs

•Manages, directs and coordinates the school age programs for all sites, including school and branch locations. Ensures high-quality programs and establishes new program sites throughout WFISD, BISD and CVISD.

•Maintains in frequent contact with principals and administration either by phone, email or in person.

•Visits school sites bi-monthly, more often if needed.

•Ensures each site participates in the CACFP program, if applicable. Oversee the training and compliance of the CACFP program.

Summer Programming

•Organizes and develop summer curriculum, art activities, S.T.E.A.M. activities, outdoor and indoor activities and field trips for school age children (K-5th grade).

•Schedules weekly assemblies of public service workers (medical, police, fire, etc.)

•Coordinates swimming schedules with YMCA Aquatics Director.


•Responsible for before and after school transportation, including mapping all bus routes.

•Anticipates staffing and transportation needs. Prepares and posts weekly staffing schedule / transportation routes and modifies according to daily student counts.

•Performs transportation safety training for all staff upon hire and on an annual basis.

•Ensures that all transportation vehicles are safe for transportation of children and comply with TXDOT & Minimum Standards.

•Reports bus maintenance problems to the Branch Director immediately. Report all incidents and accidents to the Branch Director/Human Resources immediately.


•Ensures school compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations.

•Implements health and safety standards; ensures that appropriate supervision of children and safe transportation practices are utilized daily.

•Supports the Branch Director in completing all required paperwork and record keeping on a timely basis and maintains same in an organized, up-to-date manner. This includes all program files such as student, employee, vehicle, driver, health, safety and CACFP food files.

•Keeps the Early Childhood & Youth Branch Director apprised in a timely manner of all critical areas of responsibilities, including serious student accidents, employee issues, incidents and significant events. Report to the Branch Director verbally and in writing any and all variances to required standards, all accidents/incidents, as well as daily operations.

•Develops and maintains a strong working relationship with all ISD and school administration, state licensing authorities, vendors and community contacts.

•Compiles program statistics. Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of and participation in program.

•Actively participates in membership growth.

•Works various hours and locations to meet association needs.

•Other duties as assigned by the manager.

Customer Service

•Develops and actively maintains positive communications with parents, staff, and school administration.

•Recognizes parent concerns, evaluates course of action and responds appropriately to needs of parents. Completes a Parent Concern Form as needed. Communicates parent concerns to the Branch Director and to other staff members as needed.

•Responsible for keeping de-enrolled school age children to a minimum; determines reasons for loss enrollment and addresses problem areas contributing to loss enrollment.

Financial Responsibilities

•Assists in developing the School Age program budget. Ensure all resources are effectively managed/controlled and within budgetary constraints.

•Submits appropriate receipts on all credit cards and transactions in a timely manner.

•Ensures school age supplies and equipment are inventoried and appropriately maintained, including school sites.

•Participates in annual fundraising activities.

Human Resources

•Recruits, selects and properly trains qualified school age staff. Develops school age staff through program growth and guidance plans. Maintains professional working relationships with program and school staff.

•Counsels staff regarding performance issues via employee handbook and policy and procedures for corrective action.

•Responsible for compliance of staff certifications; CPR/AED/First Aid, Food Handlers Certificate, Child Care Affidavit, and any other required certifications.

•Supports the Branch Director to evaluate school age staff on a yearly basis with a written performance review/training plan, and at other times as needed; recommends merit raises for staff within association guidelines to the Branch Director.


•Responds and follow up on enrollment inquiries. Gives prospective customers tours of the program and detailed information about the program’s educational philosophy. Ensures that other school age program staff are also trained on marketing the program in your absence.

•Assists the Branch Director to develop marketing strategies to increase capacity utilization; utilizes community-based marketing techniques and other appropriate marketing methods.

Physical Facility

•Refers any maintenance/repair of building, equipment, and grounds to Branch Director to ensure a safe environment that meets program and licensing safety standards.

•Maintains a clean, safe, and healthy environment through scheduled cleaning and frequent safety checks.

•Assists in assuring compliance with Daily Building and Grounds Checklist.

•Ensures documentation of required emergency practices including evacuation, sheltering in place, and lock-down drills.

Reporting Relationships

The School Age Director reports to the YMCA Early Childhood & Youth Education Director.

Physical Demands

Sufficient strength, agility, and mobility to perform essential functions of position and to safely supervise children’s activities.


The School Age Director is a Salaried Exempt Employee

Cause-Driven Leadership® Competencies

YMCA Competencies – Team Leader

•Relationships- Builds authentic relationships in the service of enhancing individual and team performance to support the Y’s work.

•Communication- Listens and expresses self effectively and in a manner that reflects a true understanding of the needs of the audience.

•Developing Others – Recognizes and acts on the need to continually develop others’ capabilities to attain the highest level of performance possible.

•Project Management- Supports goal attainment by prioritizing activities, assigning responsibilities in accordance with capabilities, monitoring progress, and evaluating progress.

•Quality Results –Demonstrates and fosters a strong commitment to achieving goals in a manner that provides quality experiences.

•Emotional Maturity – Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills.

Required Certifications

Apply and receive a Directors Certification within 6 months of hire.

CPR-AED-First Aid within 30 days of hire.

Food Handlers Card


$36,000.00 - $40,000.00

How to Apply

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Jan. 31, 2021

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