Senior Director of Programs

The Bartlesville YMCAis seeking a proven leader who can build strong relationships and programs in the communities served by the YMCA.


Family YMCA of Bartlesville


Bartlesville, OK 74003-2713

Job Description

The Associate Director of Program is responsible and accountable for YMCA core programs of Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. Collaborating with others, and coordinating a balanced staff, the person will ensure that the Y adopts, creates, and maintains a robust and quality platform of needed programs that are comprehensive, inclusive, and successfully implemented.


Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university. Five to seven years’ experience in YMCA core program development and management, supervisory, budget, project management, member relations, and collaborations. Three years experience as a YMCA Professional Program Director or Associate management level managing multiple departments. Demonstrated capability to conceptualize strategic issues, ability to communicate and motivate others about the Y, its mission and programs. Ability to think and plan ahead 1-2 year time span. Ability to communicate professionally and persuasively both orally and in writing. Ability to work and interact with people of all ethnic ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

Essential Functions


  • Maintain existing and develop new quality programs managing cause-driven needs of the community, while ensuring a successful relationship with community organizations.

  • Collaborate with community and staff to innovate and elevate participation of existing programs and be looking to the future creating platforms for new programs as opportunities present themselves.

  • Research & recommend programs, budgets, oversight of quality innovation.

Oversee organizational staff model to enhance programs while creating greater revenues through new programs, or innovations in existing.


  • Supervise all full-time or part-time program staff
  • Oversees all core programs as it relates to Youth, Families, Adults, and the aging population.
  • Compile and maintain budgets of all programs.
  • Create new programs, program descriptions, marketing plans and pricing
  • Provide guidance for expansion of programs in terms of reach, variety and quantity
  • Perform objective assessments and audits on established programs to ensure mission achievement, quality, efficacy and attainment of benchmarked goals.
  • Create and lead program teams, and oversee volunteer program committees.
  • Ensure the quality of program delivery conforms to standards and is consistent with YUSA Best Practice and YUSA Strategic Plan.
  • Where appropriate, provide continuity of programming so that there is a natural or logical progression ie. a beginner program to an intermediate program, to advanced programs
  • Research and develop programs that are impactful, innovative, progressive, sustainable, and consistent
  • Monitor and report on program metrics
  • Evaluate & create programming pricing model
  • Follow national trends with recreation and Y USA program recommendations
  • Performs any other functions deemed to be necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of the Richard Kane Family YMCA.


$38,000.00 - $43,000.00

How to Apply

Apply by Email

Resumes Accepted Until

Jan. 27, 2021

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