Camp Counselor

Counselors will provide a safe and nurturing environment for campers and will have a positive attitude about all camp activities.

Sponsoring YMCA

YMCA Camp Hi-Rock


Mount Washington, MA 01258

Camp Information

YMCA Camp Hi Rock
162 East Street
Mount Washington, MA 01258

Camp Description

At the top of Mount Washington, at the end of a winding dirt road, lies Camp Hi-Rock. For more than sixty years, countless children, families, and adults, young and old, have been gathering in this spot to learn from each other, themselves and their inspiring surroundings.

Job Description

The counselor will aid in supervising and effectively leading a group of campers in daily campactivities. Counselors will provide a safe and nurturing environment for campers and will beactively involved and have a positive attitude about all camp activities.
*You may be asked to work in resident camp and/or day camp depending on camp needs. Signing the resident camp job description does not exempt you from being asked to work in day camp as needed.


  • Desire and ability to work with and relate to children and one’s peers outdoors.
  • Willingness to accept supervision and guidance.
  • Ability to teach and assist in teaching skills and activities.
  • Good role model, high integrity, and adaptable.
  • High school senior or equivalent and at least 18years old.
  • Current First Aid and Adult and Child CPR certifications.
  • At least four weeks of experience as a junior counselor, participated in structured group camping, or at least four weeks experience in a supervisory role with children.

Essential Functions

  • Ability to communicate and work with assigned ages and skill levels and provide necessary instruction to campers.
  • Abilities to observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior-management techniques.
  • Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazardsrelated to assigned activities.
  • Physical ability to respond appropriately to emergencies and situations requiring first aid.
  • Physical strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of campers.
  • Ability to live in an assigned cabin with a group of campers for the duration of the season.

Cause-Driven Leadership® Competencies

  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making:Makes informed decisions based on logic, data, and sound judgment.
  • Communication & Influence: Listens and expresses self effectively and in such a way that engages, inspires, and builds commitment to the Y’s cause.
  • Program/Project Management: Ensures program or project goals are met and intended impact occurs.
  • Emotional Maturity: Demonstrates ability to understand and manage emotions effectively in all situations.
  • Inclusion: Values all people for their unique talents, and takes an active role in promoting practices that support diversity, inclusion, and global work, as well as cultural competence.

Required Certifications

Must complete online New Employee Orientation, Child Abuse Prevention, Mandated Reporter, Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication, and Employee Safety trainings prior to start of position.

Must hold and maintain CPR, AED, First Aid, and Oxygen Administration certifications - required for job placement.

Room and board provided


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