Kitchen Steward

Nutrition is important to the Camp experience - join our culinary team to provide healthy tasty meals to all of our participants!

Sponsoring YMCA

Camp Manito-Wish YMCA Inc.


Boulder Junction, WI 54512-0246

Camp Information

Camp Manito-wish YMCA
5650 Camp Manito-wish Lane
Boulder Junction, WI 54512

Camp Description

Located on 300 acres of pristine land and lakefront property in the beautiful northwoods of Wisconsin, we border the town of Boulder Junction. Our Summer Camp provides a combination of traditional camp activities AND wilderness tripping to youth entering 5th to 10th grade. Our programming puts emphasis on the wilderness experience and use it as a resource to facilitate the growth and leadership development as well as our in-camp experience.

Job Description

1.Understand and believe in the Manito-wish Mission, which is to help campers increase in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and one another.

2.Understand and believe in YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

3.Uphold rules and policies associated with Camp Manito-wish YMCA and support the group living experience.

4.Manage all risks associated with abuse as directed by Camp Manito-wish YMCA.

5.Actively participate in all required staff training sessions.

6.Log duties will include: assisting maintenance of property, driver or assistant to driver, sectional games, assisting in evening detail and or any other logistical responsibility above and beyond regular kitchen duties.

7.“Convoy” - act as camp representative on buses/vans bringing campers to and from camp at start and end of session as necessary

8.Being on time for each shift is expected. Come ready to work.

9.Prep work Duties:

•Follow all ServSafe protocols

•Work with shift supervisor to prep and prepare the daily meals.

•Help put food orders away and organize cooler/freezer/dry storage.

•Help dining room supervisor set up and break down Annex.

•Help serve prepared food to Nash waiters and take appropriate actions with returning food after meals are served.

10.Dish room personnel are responsible for:

•Food handling, putting away food orders, washing the dishes and keeping the dish room clean.

•You set up dish machine and break it down after each meal and de-lime the machine 1-2 times weekly.

•Placement and removal of floor mats in the kitchen and dish room.

•Take out trash, compost and recycling after or as needed, during each shift.

•Sweep and mop floors as needed and before ending each shift.

•Keeping dish racks and all silverware racks clean and orderly.

•Keep a temperature chart for the dish machine according to the directions on the chart.


1.Minimum 16 years old (must live off-site; until the age of 18).

2.Minimum 18 years old (to live on-site).

3.If living off-site you must have adequate transportation to get to work.

4.Strong and good character: optimism, resilience, humility, empathy, awareness of self and others, resourcefulness, responsibility and adaptability.

Essential Functions

1.Communicating and working effectively with groups of people

2.Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to the kitchen

3.Ability to fill in where needed.

4.Ability to work safely according to health department and A.C.A. Standards.

5.Be friendly and courteous to all.

6.Come to work serious about your job and willing to have fun.

7.Have a respectful attitude toward Nash property and your fellow workers.

8.Be flexible.



Other Compensation

Salary is weekly and room and board provided for staff 18 and older.

Room and board provided


How to Apply

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