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Join a Great Team, on a Great Lake, at a Great Camp!

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Fitch Branch YMCA


North Springfield, PA 16430

Camp Information

Camp Fitch YMCA
12600 Abels Road
North Springfield, PA 16430

Camp Description

Located in the far northwest corner of Pennsylvania near Erie, Cleveland, Youngstown, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo, Camp Fitch boasts nearly one mile of Lake Erie shoreline and over 450 acres of forests, streams, and meadows. Camper capacity in the summer is 380 and in the fall, winter, and spring Fitch supports robust Outdoor Education and Retreat program modes with 320 all-season beds. Annual operating budget is $2.9M. Major program offerings in the summer include three distinct waterfronts, shooting sports, equestrian sports, making (crafts, handiwork, etc.), nature study, and field games. Camp Fitch serves 65 schools with outdoor education, numerous weekend retreats and parent/child programs as well as programs for adults and children with special needs. Program development goals in the next several years emphasize the areas of equestrian and STEAM programs for kids and adults. Short-term thematic goals for our organization include substantially increasing revenue through vacancy reduction, and improvement of operational efficiency in several areas. Camp Fitch has an outstanding staff team with 14 full time and 20 part-time year-round staff. In the summer, our staff grows to over 200 talented people.

Job Description

This position supports the work of the Y, a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Program Directors lead the day-to-day program delivery in all of our program modes by leading program facilitators (coaching, scheduling, challenging, empowering), fundraising to support programs and campers, driving innovation, building community connections and recruiting groups, supporting a culture of safety, and providing at-the-scene oversight of experiences for campers in all of our program modes including Summer Camp and School Year Programs.


1. Bachelor’s degree in related field

2. Two years related experience preferred

3. Ability to relate effectively to diverse groups of people from all social and economic segments of the


4. Excellent interpersonal and written and verbal communication skills

5. Listens and expresses self effectively and in a way that engages, inspires, and builds commitment to

the Y’s cause

Essential Functions

1. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT – Initiates and leads the development and innovation of new programs in

summer and school year programs.

2. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT – Leads the development of current programs in response to camper feedback and developing trends in camping and education.

3. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT – Leads the recruitment of new groups through connecting with and listening to stakeholders to create programs that meet individual and diverse needs.

4. TALENT DEVELOPMENT - Develops methods to attract and hire quality and diverse staff for all program modes, while also fostering a culture for staff retention.

5. TALENT DEVELOPMENT - Connects staff with the resources needed to improve skills related to

program, leadership, and community building.

6. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - Oversees new programs’ budgets to ensure revenue/expense and program services goals are achieved.

7. COMMUNITY BUILDING - Collaborates with the Fitch Leadership Team (FLT) and Program Leadership

Team (PLT) to develop and maintain a health Camp Fitch community founded on core values.

8. MISSION & CAUSE ADVANCEMENT—Recruits and engages volunteers, secures funding through grants,

foundations, and donors, and makes community connections to support program development.

9. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING— Models relationship-building skills (including Listen First) in all interactions. Maintains regular, clear, and concise communication within area of responsibility.

Responds to all inquiries, emails, messages and complaints in timely manner.

Cause-Driven Leadership® Competencies

Advancing our Mission & Cause: Change Leadership: Facilitates, co-creates, and implements equitable change for the good of the organization and/or community. Engaging Community: Builds bridges with others in the community to ensure the Y’s work is community-focused and welcoming of all, providing community benefit. Philanthropy: Secures resources and support to advance the Y’s work. Volunteerism:

Engages volunteers and promotes social responsibility at all levels of the organization

Building Relationships: Collaboration: Creates sustainable relationships within the Y and with other organizations in service to the community. Communication & Influence: Listens and expresses self effectively and in a way that engages, inspires, and builds commitment to the Y’s cause. Inclusion: Values

all people for their unique talents, and takes an active role in promoting practices that support diversity,

inclusion, and global work, as well as cultural competence

Leading Operations: Critical Thinking & Decision Making: Makes informed decisions based on logic, data,

and sound judgment. Fiscal Management: Manages the Y’s resources responsibly and sustains the Y’s nonprofit business model. Functional Expertise: Executes superior technical skills for the role. Innovation:

Creates and implements new and relevant approaches and activities that improve and expand the Y’s work and impact in the community. Program/Project Management: Ensures program or project goals are

met and intended impact

Developing & Inspiring People: Developing Self & Others: Develops self and supports others (e.g., staff,

volunteers, members, program participants), both formally and informally, to achieve their highest potential. Emotional Maturity: Demonstrates ability to understand and manage emotions effectively in all situations.

Required Certifications

1. YMCA Team Leader certification (or within two years of hire)

2. Typical requirements within 30 days of hire include completion of: New Staff Orientation, Child Abuse

Prevention for Supervisory Staff, Listen First, CPR & O2 Administration, First Aid, Bloodborne

Pathogens, Living Our Cause Experience, and Anti-Harassment for Supervisors

3. Completion of YMCA program-specific certifications and maintenance of outside certification(s)


$35,000.00 - $44,000.00

Other Compensation

medical benefits, retirement once qualified, paid time off

Room and board provided


How to Apply

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Resumes Accepted Until

Nov. 10, 2019

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