"It’s amazing to think one organization feeds this many kids every day, all summer. It’s something I would have never thought of, but it makes perfect sense that these children need healthy, nutritious meals. Watching Y members come together and make this many meals and help this many families is the best thing we’ve done at the Y."

- Lisa, Volunteer

  • Name of Project: Salvation Army Feed the Kids Summer Lunch Program
  • YMCA: Waukesha YMCA, Waukesha, WI
  • Partner: Salvation Army
  • Date: July 2014

Seeing the Need

Every day during the school year, hundreds of children in our community receive free or reduced priced lunches at school. During summer, these children often have very little access to food, and the quality is often poor and lacking basic nutrients. The local Salvation Army has stepped in and started serving lunches to children in our community during summer. They do this five days a week (packing extra food on Friday for the weekend) to help these children get at least one healthy meal a day.

Everything that they do for this program relies on the generosity of volunteers—they get donations for the food, they assemble the lunches (making sandwiches and cookies, cutting fruits and veggies, making juice, etc.) and they hand out the lunches to the children. This massive operation requires thousands of volunteers.

Serving Our Neighbors

Our Togetherhood team stepped in to help with this project, recruiting 52 volunteers to help over four days. With volunteers ranging in ages 4 to 79, this project was fun, meaningful and engaging. Kids colored the lunch bags and put food inside while adults made PB&J sandwiches and cut fruit. Over the four days, 52 volunteers made and served nearly 1,000 lunches. Together, they decorated lunch bags, made over 850 sandwiches, cut fruits and vegetables, and put cookies in bags. After assembling the lunches each day, volunteers went to a local park to give out the lunches to thankful children.

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