These resources are intended to help Togetherhood Committees plan and execute successful volunteer service projects that make a lasting impact on both volunteers and the communities they serve.

year-service.jpg#asset:38651Step 1: Plan the Year of Service

Your committee will meet to get to know each other and plan four service projects for the year. The tools below will help you identify appropriate projects for Y members, taking into consideration the  community’s needs, the Y’s cause and community assets that can be leveraged to address those needs.

1. Script to Recruit Togetherhood Committee Members Opens a new window
2. Togetherhood Committee Orientation Meeting Agenda Opens a new window
3. Committee Orientation Slides Opens a new window
4. Community Service Calendar Opens a new window
5. Four Projects Worksheet Opens a new window
run-projects.jpg#asset:386616. Project Screening Tool Opens a new window

Step 2: Run Projects

Each Togetherhood project should be led by a member of your committee. The tools below are designed to help the project leader make sure Y members who volunteer have a rewarding and enjoyable service experience.

1. Safety Checklist Opens a new window
2. Project-On-A-Page Opens a new window
3. Project Promotions Guide Opens a new window
4. Register and Track Project Volunteers Opens a new window
5. Run Projects Checklist Opens a new window
6. Liability and Photo Release Opens a new window
7. Volunteer Sign-In Sheet Opens a new window
8. Storytelling Guide Opens a new window
9. Reflection Guide Opens a new window


Step 3: Report and Celebrate

You’ve completed a project – congratulations! Time to regroup and reflect on the experience. It’s also the project leader’s responsibility to report the results of the project using this reporting link Opens a new window. Your committee’s accomplishments will be recorded on the national Togetherhood map, where everyone can see the impact your Committee made in your community. This calls for a celebration! Use the tools below to recognize the accomplishments of your volunteers and generate even more excitement for your next project. You can also share your project successes on social media by using the hashtag #Togetherhood.

1. Report on Your Project Opens a new window
2. Celebration and Recognition Opens a new window

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