"It’s just an awesome opportunity to help our community and to be involved in something that’s really going to make a difference in people’s lives."

- Betsy, YMCA Member

  • Name of Project: Fellowship Missions Project
  • YMCA: Kosciusko Community YMCA
  • Partner: Fellowship Missions
  • Date: July 2014

Shaping up a shelter

For our first Togetherhood project, we worked on two separate occasions at the new local homeless shelter to help prepare for its opening. As a new organization in the community, Fellowship Missions was grateful for the support from the YMCA. Twenty-seven member volunteers cleaned the walls, removed paint from the floors, vacuumed, swept, washed windows, mowed the lawn, and painted the entryway to welcome new residents. 

Getting to know each other

Volunteers got to know each another while they worked on their various projects, spending time with people they may have just walked past in the halls of the Y. This project was geared toward adult members aged 40-60, but people of all ages pitched in—from teenagers to a woman in her 80s and several family groups.

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