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Male Y coach talking to boy and girl in blue mesh vests on a field.  

Four Outdoor Sports Inspiring Kids to Get Active



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Boy reading a book at a desk with a map.

  One Story Does Not Fit All

Kid's hand with spoon in mix of zucchinis and tomatoes in a bowl .

  Ten Ways to Promote Active Learning in Summer

Kid's hand with spoon in mix of zucchinis and tomatoes in a bowl .

  How DIY Meals Help Kids Make Healthy Choices

Kids running on a grassy field

  Three Tips for Keeping up with Campers

Girl smiling with an apple slice in front of her mouth.

  How to Create the Best Summer Ever for Immigrant Youth

Group of kids putting their hands together in a circle.

  How to Get Public Officials to Invest in Your Summer Programs

Four preschool-aged kids sitting on the floor against colorful pillows looking at books and laughing

  Closing the Pre-K Gap: How to Help Families Prepare for Kindergarten 

Close up of boy smiling in a pool.

  How Important is Learning to Swim?

Two girls and two boys in red shirts smiling and pointing at the ceiling

©Getty Images/Highwaystarz-Photography

  Making Emergency Preparedness Fun for Children

Female Y coach talking to four kids on a soccer field.

  Five Ideas for Recruiting Volunteer Coaches

close up of young girl smiling while wearing flotation devices on her arms in a pool.

  How to Keep Kids Safe in Summer Programs

Two boys and a girl in Y soccer uniforms sitting on a bench on the side of a soccer field with a male coach sitting behind them.

  Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Sports Program

Close-up of mother and father with their arms around their young son.

©Getty Images/Aldo Murillo

  Parents Are Campers, Too

Teen girl with boy around her shoulders in front of a jungle gym full of kids.


How to Keep Teens Busy and Safe in Summer

Female Y staff helping young girl pour liquid in a STEM experiment.

  Three Colorful Summer STEM Activities

Boy reading in library.

  How to be a Book Detective

Staff with kids.

  Three Things Afterschool Staff Should Let Go

Staff reading to kids

  Books to Teach Empathy & Kindness at Every Age

Staff reading to boys

  Three Steps for Afterschool Marketing Success

Kids exploring tree bark

  Seven Ways Kids and Teens Can Become Citizen Scientists

teens taking standardized tests


  Free Test Practice for College-Bound Teens

female camp counselors   Don't Forget to Celebrate Your Summer Staff!

girl eating almonds   Five Ways a Meal Program Could Heal Your Community

kids working on electronics  

Tips for Creating a Summer Camp Tinkering Space

diversity wheel   How to Create a Safe Space for LGBTQ Campers

kids being read to   Four Easy Ways to Prevent Summer Slide 

boys drinking water  

Drink Up: How Hydration Impacts Campers

girls creating straw bridge  

Why Girls Who Love STEM Are Having the Best Summer Ever

  The Summer Secret to Back-to-School Success

  How to Memorize Campers’ Names, Fast


Five Tips for Welcoming Campers with Diverse Abilities

girl in garden  

Three Ways to Help Kids Fall in Love With Healthy Food

boy on soccer field   Why More Kids Are Quitting Sports

coach talking to dad and daughter   How to Get Kids Back in the Game

kids kicking in pool   Four Tips That Will Save Kids' Lives This Summer

boy looking in empty refridgerator

©é Jansa

  Five Signs a Child is Struggling with Summer Hunger

boys playing soccer  

Why Summer Camps Should Let Kids Lead

summer camp celebrations infographic   Summer Camp Celebrations: Try this Instead

girl reading   Get Teens Reading Beyond Text Messages

  Three Most Effective Ways to Communicate with Camp Families

kids with arms around each other   Quick Tips for Welcoming ALL Campers

Kids reading   True or False? No Need for Summer Learning Here

Boy at Picnic Table   How to Plan Smart Snacks Campers Will Love

Straw Bridge   Free STEM Activities for Campers Ages 3-8

Camp Staff   How High-Performing Camps Onboard Staff

STEM Activities   Six Simple Outdoor STEM Activities

Teacher & Student   Three Reasons to Add Certified Teachers to Your Summer Learning Program

  How to Save College-Bound Teens from 'Summer Melt'

Football Girl   Five Surprise Ways Your Camp is Already Doing STEM

Interview   Three Interview Questions You Must Ask Camp Staff

Fingerpainting   How Camp Counselors Use Art to Teach 21st Century Skills

  Three Ways to Storytell through Data


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