Start a New Y

Start a Y

Be a change agent. When you start a new Y, you’re taking a critical step in developing a stronger, healthier community where everyone can learn, grow and thrive.

Every Y begins with the passion to make a difference through leadership. You’re that leader—part of a 160-year history of social progress.

Because Ys are as unique as the communities we serve, we must carefully consider specific neighborhood needs when assessing whether a new YMCA facility is viable. If you are part of a neighborhood group or community that wants to start a Y, you should contact your nearest YMCA. No new, independent YMCAs are currently being chartered; however, your nearby Y may be interested in reviewing with you the potential for a branch YMCA operation.

You can locate your nearest YMCA by inserting your local zip code in the box on the right.

Thank you for your interest in the Y Movement.

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