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It began as a woman’s search for a place to build endurance during her cancer treatments. Today, her family has come to rely on the Y as a source of unity, strength and belonging.

It was the  LIVESTRONG™ at the YMCA program for cancer survivors that brought Mary and her husband Mike through our doors. The program offers those living with, through and beyond cancer a safe environment where they participate in physical and social activities to meet their personal health and well-being goals. A cancer survivor still undergoing treatments, Mary wanted to build her strength and endurance to help her fight the disease and better handle its treatment.  Mike wanted to be able to join her and exercise as well.

Just over a year later, Mary has completed her most recent round of treatment and reports that her cancer is at bay.  She tells us that the twelve-week LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program she completed at the Northwest Family YMCA helped reduce the effects of treatment such as fatigue, and made her feel stronger. She’s able to perform everyday tasks with greater ease while maintaining a higher level of energy on a daily basis.  She has even given back as a volunteer speaker at an all-staff meeting and modeled in a YMCA fashion show to help raise funds to support the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program at the Northwest Family YMCA.        

Meanwhile, Mike is consistently working out several times a week and is reaching his goal to increase his strength. Their 11-year-old grandson, JP, needed opportunities for interactions with his peers, and Mike decided to sign him up for the NFL Flag Football program where he has really begun to feel like a part of the team.  JP has been very active over the past year in other sports programs too, as well as summer camp, junior teen nights and family events. He has blossomed both physically and socially as a member of the Y.

All of their positive comments recently inspired Mary’s daughter to join as well.

One day one couple took a chance and visited the YMCA. Today, their entire family is healthier and more connected as a result.

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