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Bedtime Means Lights Out
Try to ensure that kids stick to a consistent schedule when it comes to bedtime. Doing so will ensure they are getting enough restful sleep. Kids might test you at first until they learn that you are serious, so in the face of delaying tactics, be firm. Try to avoid concessions such as allowing kids to watch TV or read until they fall asleep.
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Establish a Relaxing Routine
Establish a consistent bedtime routine for your children. Doing so provides them with opportunities to wind down, relax and get ready for bed each night. Turning off the TV at least one hour or more before bedtime can make for better sleep and an easier transition. A typical routine might include a light snack and a glass of water, a warm bath, putting on pajamas, brushing teeth and reading a story with a parent. Try to read with your child in the bedroom where they sleep and not in another room.
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Mind the Over-Scheduling
Between all of the activities and homework that kids have, getting the right amount of sleep can be a real challenge. It is important for you to carefully consider the potential health and developmental pitfalls of scheduling so much activity for children that it prevents them from getting the necessary amounts of sleep. Sometimes life happens and kids don’t get the rest they need. Always remember that we can “catch up on sleep” by getting extra rest, so allowing kids to do so is also an important strategy.

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