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Have a Ball!
When you add some form of ball to your play time, it’s likely to get your blood pumping a little faster -- which is good. Try going out to the backyard or a park with your kids and keeping a beach ball up in the air for as long as possible. Kick a soccer ball around for a few minutes and see how that feels. Even throwing a baseball (or a disc) back and forth will send you jogging to recover the ball from time to time. Meanwhile, enjoy the fun your kids are having playing with you!
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Get Some Wheels
Most activities that incorporate the use of wheels have a mixture of vigorous activity offset by periods of rest and coasting along. Get your helmets on and take a bike ride with the kids in a local park. Plot your course so that you have to tackle a couple of small hills or ride into the wind part of the way. Keep your kids active by introducing other activities on wheels like rollerblading, riding scooters, or learning to skateboard - all fun ways to get the activity they need. Just be sure to pick a safe location and use the recommended safety equipment.
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Team Up for an Event
These days it is pretty easy to find a community event that includes inexpensive walks, fun runs and middle distance races that can be a blast for the entire family. Setting a family goal tied to an event like a one-mile fun run or a 5K walk can provide the motivation you need to get started and keep moving toward your goal of upping the amount of energy you burn. You might even be motivated to do some good by throwing your family’s support behind an event that benefits a local cause!

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