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Take it Ten Minutes at a Time
Children often need only to be offered time, space and permission and they will get all of the play they need. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come as naturally or easily for adults. The good news is that small increments of time spent walking, climbing stairs, gardening, playing with the kids and doing other household chores add up. Try thinking of ways to build more routine movement into your day by parking your car a little farther away, taking the stairs instead of the escalator, walking once around the grocery store perimeter before beginning to shop or grabbing a leash and going for a walk rather than just letting your dog outside.
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Wear a Pedometer
Studies have shown that wearing a pedometer increases the amount of physical activity that people get every day. These little devices are available in more shapes and sizes than ever. In fact, you can get an application that will enable your cell phone to show you how much you are walking! Try to increase the total number of steps you take by just a few each day and soon you’ll be getting the hour of moderate activity you need.
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Work Toward Well-Rounded
When your kids are young, take the time to introduce them to a wide variety of sports, games and activities. This will give them the opportunities to find things that they enjoy doing and people they enjoy doing them with. By not pushing kids to specialize too early, you will help them to build a well-rounded set of interests and the opportunity to develop an array of skills and passions that will keep them interested, engaged and active for life. Explore the possibilities!

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