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Visit Parks and Playgrounds
What wonderful environments for unstructured outdoor play! They provide opportunities for children to test out their abilities as they climb, slide, swing and hang. Parks are also good environments for parents to watch but not hover as children interact with one another in a safe setting. Having the opportunity to explore, problem solve and resolve the occasional conflict will help your child develop a healthy sense of independence. Balance independent exploratory time with your own efforts to be active with your child.
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Get to Know Your Neighbors
Unfortunately, because of traffic or violence, some neighborhoods are simply not safe. In other circumstances, parents may perceive that their neighborhood is unsafe. Oftentimes this is because they do not know their neighbors. The very act of going out with your kids increases the chance of bumping into a neighbor and making a new family friend. You may find that once you have established relationships with the other adults around your home, you might become more willing to shoo the kids outside to play, and that will benefit everyone in the long run.

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