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Eat Outside
When the seasons cooperate, try having some of your weekly family meals outside. Pack a lunch, grab a blanket and go to a local park, barbecue some chicken and corn on the cob in the backyard, or just take what you’ve prepared in the kitchen and step out to the family picnic table. Shifting the meal setting outside will add variety, inspire different family conversations and might even provide the spark to try some new healthy foods.
Play Outside
Unless you are lying in a hammock, going outside is going to increase the amount of activity you are getting. Whether you are gardening, trimming the bushes, going for a hike or walking around the field with a friend at the kids’ sports practice, going outside to play is the healthy choice. Relaxing together in that family hammock once in awhile isn’t a bad idea either.
Get Together Outside
Spending quality time with your family exploring a local park, coastline or forest is a great way to introduce your kids to the natural world and get everyone more active. As you look for and discover the strange and unfamiliar, you’ll have new things to discuss, mysteries to solve and adventures to share.

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