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Check Priorities
If work and activity schedules are making family time or meals together impossible, first see if you can change or even eliminate any of your commitments. What could you streamline or drop to make more time together possible? If you can’t shuffle things around, then how could you grab other chances to spend time or eat together? How about mornings or weekends?
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Turn Off the TV
Turning off the television can be one of the best ways to improve your time together as a family. When the seasons cooperate, take a walk in the evening or go for a bike ride together. When the days are shorter, why not designate one night a week as board game night? Family Movie Nights in front of the TV are okay too, but try not to make sitting in front of the television your only family time ritual.
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Volunteer Together
Sit down with your family to discuss places in the community where you can make a difference in ways that are important to you. Is there someplace in your community where your family can make a difference? Is there a local soup kitchen, a special event, or an animal shelter that could use your help? What are the important lessons about life your children could learn by volunteering somewhere with you? After volunteering, make sure you take the time to reflect on your experience.

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