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Shrink Your Plates!
Studies have shown that using smaller plates can be an effective strategy for reducing the amount of food that your family eats. Our tendency when we serve food is to fill the plate, which often leads to larger portion sizes than we actually need. Consider serving your meals on the salad plates in your family cupboard instead of the larger entrée plates. When and if anyone wants seconds, it’s a better idea to be prepared to provide additional servings of fruits and vegetables instead of the typically more calorie rich entrée.
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Drink Diligence
Controlling liquid portions is one of the easiest ways to get a grip on how many calories both adults and children consume in a day. Just because a particular beverage comes in a single container like the common 20-ounce bottle doesn’t mean that it contains just one serving. Try pouring your beverage over ice in a 10-ounce glass instead of drinking from the bottle. Have just one glass and you are on your way to better beverage portion control.

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