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Running Helps with Depression in Older People

Bob Glover, author of the bestselling “The Competitive Runner’s Handbook," (which I bought when I first started running) recently wrote about when he was Athletic Director at New York's West Side YMCA in 1975, he recruited Robin Williams onto his YMCA team. For a short time they trained together and raced together. Then Williams disappeared to become a comedian/actor superstar. more

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Favorite Running Movies

"4 Minute Mile" is currently in the theaters, a movie about a high school kid who discovers a running talent that might lead to a better life. I haven't seen it yet, and wonder how it will compare to other running movies. Runners don't exactly have their version of "Rocky" yet, but it's encouraging to see a new movie like this which could be inspiring. Below are some of my favorites. more

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Piriformis Stretch

A couple years ago I suffered an injury that was literally a pain in the butt. My doctor was pretty certain it was piriformis syndrome. It's caused by compression or entrapment of the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle where the nerve passes through the gluteal muscles (buttocks). The pain can be a constant ache or sharp pain in the hip or radiating down the leg or into the lower back. It's also been called sciatica. Fortunately it can usually be treated and prevented with some simple stretches. more

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