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Faded Pictures

There were so many memories in that box. I couldn’t help but wonder if future generations will be missing out on the joy of thumbing through printed photos.

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When Do You Look Up?

Thoughts and views of a millennial, young leader, and someone who wants you to look up: cell phones and meeting ethics for the young leader.

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Life Skills

A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I had a friend over who brought her teenage daughter and one of her classmates. The girls sat on the couch, headphones on and eyes glued to their smart phones. They weren’t talking to us or each other. When asked what their favorite subject was in school, one replied, “None of them."

I’m not going to get on my high horse and write an essay about how technology is ruining our kids and how things were so much better “back in my day." But I would be lying if I said I didn’t find the encounter troubling. My experience with these teens may have been an extreme example, but the way kids today interact with each other and the world is…different.

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Lactivists and Tiger Moms and Mombies, Oh My!

Mommyhood is more complicated than ever these days. Here's a few things I found on the web this week to share with you that range from fun to thought-provoking.

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The Y Gave me a Great Opportunity to Build Things

Rebecca has lots to be proud of her son, Avery, but nothing makes us happier when we see kids growing and thriving during science, technology, engineering, and math opportunities at Ys across the country. This is her son's Y. His camera. His story

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We All Scream for Bright Screens

I’m going to take a chance here. I’m going to assume that I’m not the only one who stares at screens a little more time than I’d like. Small screens, big screens, we all scream for bright screens....This is hurting me.

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Step Away from the Screen!

Last week was Screen-Free Week. I didn’t notice because my eyes were on the prize: Mother’s Day, the best day of all.

Now that the mommy merriment has simmered down, I’m catching up on other things discussed in Internetland, which (paradoxically) included Screen-Free Week.

Parents are forced to think about screens from the start. There are clear reasons to turn off screens.

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