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A Resolution Deferred

In the poem Harlem, Langston Hughes speculated about what happens to a dream deferred. Hint: It’s not pretty. I imagine the same concept applies to New Year’s resolutions that are forgotten, delayed or swept to the side. 

I had grand plans for 2015.

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Three Ways to Back on Track for the New Year

Many young adults, including myself, are just starting to return to college and may feel a little bit out-of-sync. This doesn’t just have to apply to collegiate students; this goes for everybody. Getting back into a routine is difficult after the holidays and now is the time where we start to fall off the wagon with our New Year’s resolutions. Here are a couple of quick tips that I find really help when I feel I’m in a rut.


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My Best High School Experience

Youth In Government™ is by far my best high school experience. Many people do not know how to deal with conflicts; they sometimes yell at each other. But at Youth in Government™, I learned that no matter how blatantly different two opinions are, there is always a way to discuss it in an organized and peaceful manner.

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