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8 Great Smartphone Apps for Creating Positive Habits

As much a I don’t want to admit it, I’m a smartphone addict. Like many moms, I have to maximize my free time as much as possible and my phone allows me to do that. Besides making phone calls and sending texts, I write blog posts, respond to emails, pay bills and everything else with my handheld device. It’s so much easier than having to pull out my laptop or sit at my desktop computer. more

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Dinner: A Photo Essay

Dinner, we all partake. Yet many young leaders today view this daily ritual much differently than generations of the past. What exactly does supper time mean to Americans across the country (and around the world). Check out this photo essay by Miho Aikawa to find out how dinner has become much more about a glimpse into our private lives, social habits, and personalities than it is nutrition and sustenance.  more

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