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Setting an Example When Not Setting the Table

It's officially not true: Millennials aren't the me-me-me generation at all. Quite the contrary - according to Nation's Restaurant News, more Millennial families are actually asking for healthier menu options for their young kids. So, whether you're advocating out in the community for a healthier lifestyle or in your own home, we decided to spotlight a few restaurants around the country that are holding up their end of the bargain for National Nutrition Month


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An Apple a Day

It seems like there's a new miracle superfruit popping up everywhere these days. Açaí, anyone? I picked up some baby food for my daughter last week and I found one that was made with aronia berry. I had never even heard of that! I had to look it up when I got home.

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Dinner Hacking

Spend less time wondering what’s for dinner and more time eating it! I’ve made a list of a few tips to help you prepare easy, nutritious meals at home without spending a ton of time.

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How Much Sleep Do You Need?

You just crammed for an all-nighter before a big test tomorrow. Maybe it's Sunday night, and you're lying in bed wide awake at 3 in the morning when your alarm for work's going to go off at 7. Or perhaps you just stepped off a plane and no matter how you adjusted the head rest or your neck pillow, you still couldn't get more than two hours of shut eye. Just how much sleep do we need to be productive and lead a well-rested life?

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Spirit + Mind + Body

I'm the Healthy Living Director at the Beaumont Centre Family YMCA in Lexington, KY. Worked with the Y for five years in both as a part-time and full-time employee.  When not working or hanging out with my wife, I can be found swimming, cycling or running—all things healthy. This is my Y. My words. My advice for you. 

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After Work Tips for Dinner

Unless you're a professional chef or work in the back of a restaurant, it may be quite near impossible to separate your hectic schedule at work from the bustle in the kitchen. For many working moms, there's little time (or energy) to cook up a storm once you walk in the front door.

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