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Decoding Car Seat Safety Guidelines

Ask five different people, and you’ll get five different answers about when a child needs a booster seat, when their seat can be front-facing and when they no longer need to ride in the back seat.

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Lend Your Voice

As a Youth and Government™ participant, you have an opportunity to lend your voice to the Y’s national blog, This Week in Young Leaders. Whether you’re exploring ideas such as education, leadership, volunteerism, advocacy, global services, and other issues related to social responsibility, we want you to build upon your sense of civic engagement through our online community. While the premise is simple, the benefits are many.

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These Are Our Stories

Riley is a young governor with a healthy sense of humor and the motivation to "do more, be more." Dany believes that calling the Y her second home isn't just a saying.  Amy's showing us a whole new side of leadership through the lens of her camera. And Seth may get nervous talking in front of hundreds of people, but he gets the job done. All four young leaders come from different corners of the country, but they have one thing in common: Youth and Government™.

These are their stories


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We're Bringing Our Message to the Table

Even though it's a little bit scary, Seth's embracing the idea of talking to crowds of hundreds. Follow this young leader to State Assembly where he's meeting with other delegates to exchange ideas and stand up for their beliefs. This is his Y. His camera. His story.

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