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Diverse Cultures, Backgrounds, and Perspectives

The Y has always championed diversity and inclusion of people from all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds. Just look at the YMCA International Services in Houston or the International Services in New York City. When newcomers to America arrive with hopes and dreams, they often bring with them an array of cultures, languages, demographic traits, and more.

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How the Day Camp Experience Enriches our Children

As a mom, it can be extremely difficult to let go. However, one thing is inevitable—one day you’re going to have to let that baby bird leave the nest. One great way to give your kids greater independence and enrich their lives while keeping them close to home is allowing them to participate in a day camp. 

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8 Great Smartphone Apps for Creating Positive Habits

As much a I don’t want to admit it, I’m a smartphone addict. Like many moms, I have to maximize my free time as much as possible and my phone allows me to do that. Besides making phone calls and sending texts, I write blog posts, respond to emails, pay bills and everything else with my handheld device. It’s so much easier than having to pull out my laptop or sit at my desktop computer.

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Miraculous Morning

Consistency is a struggle I know all too well. Once I had Maya, that became less of a problem. When you have a baby depending on you 24/7, you often have no choice but to get your act together. I was like supermom those first few months, doing it all and feeling very proud of myself. But it couldn’t last and burnout took over. Motherhood came first, but everything else seemed to take a backseat. I was pretty hard on myself, but everyone else was much more willing to give me a pass.

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Middle School Blues

That feeling is all too familiar. Sitting at a desk with those hard plastic or wooden chairs for almost an hour, attempting to contort your body into a semi-comfortable position. That’s middle school for you. 


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Noteworthy November

November is a busy month! Daylight Saving Time just ended and many of us cast our votes on Election Day. The star of the month, Thanksgiving, is right around the corner. However, November is more than just Turkey Day. There are quite a few educational and engaging events going on this month. 

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It's Not Just about Putting on a Show

Ever thought of joining the circus? Brennan Mejia did and found out there was more than just putting on a show. Check out his leadership in the ring. 

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Teaching Young Kids What Healthy Foods Are

Before the summer kicked off, college student Lisa Riggsbee from North Carolina helped us start the conversation about bringing healthy food to our communities. The work continues. From Asheville all the way to Pennsylvania, young leaders across the country are doing their part to make sure not only that kids are getting their fill of fun, but also learning about what foods are healthy to eat. This week, let's check out what folks are doing in York City to bring access to healthy foods to cut down on obesity and other health problems in their town. 

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Spirit + Mind + Body

I'm the Healthy Living Director at the Beaumont Centre Family YMCA in Lexington, KY. Worked with the Y for five years in both as a part-time and full-time employee.  When not working or hanging out with my wife, I can be found swimming, cycling or running—all things healthy. This is my Y. My words. My advice for you. 

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I'll Have a Run for Lunch

CoachTonyVan D's on vacation this week, so check out our guest blogger, Shawnie D!

One of my favorite things to do is to run with colleagues over my lunch hour. There are days when I feel like I accomplished more during my thirty-minute run than my eight hours at work that same day. I find that I am more honest, direct, and open-minded when having a conversation while running outside versus in a meeting room in the office. 

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