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Decoding Car Seat Safety Guidelines

Ask five different people, and you’ll get five different answers about when a child needs a booster seat, when their seat can be front-facing and when they no longer need to ride in the back seat.

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Forever Young?

30, it's just sitting there. For some of us, that number may be 40. Yes, young leaders, you are aging (and, hopefully, getting wiser) every day. But what about 100? You can search "Live to Be 100-years old" and things like live an active life - physically and mentally - will pop up. Is there really a "how-to" guide for what your life can be like in two, three, four... or seven decades? Maybe it's just setting fitness goals for yourself in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. Does the fountain of youth have anything to do with the foods you're eating?

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