Your Voice Matters

We often think that what we say and the stories we share don’t matter. So I would like to go back to the beginning of 2013. I was overweight and heard news from my doctor that my blood pressure, cholesterol and many other aspects of my health were not on the up and up. So I decided to take steps to lose weight. Fast forward to July 2013, I took the steps to lose weight and by that time I loss 50lbs and had substantially improved all of my health issues.

On July 11, 2013, I was giving a tour to potential members Lori and Richard and, as we started to conclude the tour, I began to tell the aforementioned story. Richard expressed to me that he literally just left the doctor and received similar news. Today, I can say that Richard has loss close to 20 lbs. and has constantly reminded me that my story made an impact on his decision to join and improve his health.

Many times we walk through life not knowing the impact that we have on the life of others. and I can honestly say that I was one of those people. As young leaders. we have the unique position to change lives so share your stories, tell your experience, and express your thoughts because your voice matters.

My name is Terrell Wilson, Associate Membership Director at The Community YMCA in Red Bank, NJ. I have been a part of my organization for seven years and two years full-time. I am a father of a one-year old, and I have been married for two years. I am just looking for a way to get my voice out there.

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