The World is Calling You. Where Will You Go?

Did you know that the Y’s a familiar face in more than 119 countries? Though our organization started in London, we’ve reached out to our neighbors who live in Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Argentina, India, and Zimbabwe to name a few. But if you could travel the world or make a difference right from your backyard to help our global citizens reach their full potential, which of the following countries would you choose first? And why does it mean so much to you? Feel free to share any ideas you have to strengthen communities and make a positive change around the globe. 

  • Camp Counselor Training for Refugees in Armenia
  • Child Safety in Cambodia
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention for Villages in Ethiopia 
  • Orphan Care for Vulnerable Kids in Haiti
  • Job Training for Women in Lebanon
  • Pre-Natal Services for Young Mothers in Peru
  • Education for Young Leaders in Togo
  • These are all great countries in need of world service, but my heart belongs to ____ (see my comments below)

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