What Does Multiculturalism Mean to You?

Multiculturalism might look different depending on what city you live in, where you go to school, or where you work. Regardless of how we describe multiculturalism, our communities across the nation are, thankfully, made up of people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives - that may include one's country or origin, ethnic heritage, familiy traditions, the holidays we celebrate, the languages we speak, and more. Yet, now more than ever, young leaders are looking to create a world where everyone feels welcome and has an opportunity to live life to its fullest. We've heard from many teens and college students that simply living in an area with high diversity "rubs off on you" and makes you more tolerant of other people's experiences. As a result, there seems to be a possibility of rich exchange between our friends and neighbors. 

In the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, high school students have the chance to participate in team builidng, leadership skill development and increasing academic excellence through their Multicultural Achievers program. Recently, teens at the Fond du Lac Family YMCA got together to taste unique foods from local restaurants and watch performances by Hmong and Hispanic dancers. Just looking across the U.S., communities are embracing multiculturalism and letting the people in their towns define just exactly what it means to them. 

What does multiculturalism look like where you live? And what do you think it means that we are more alike than different?

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