View from the Top

This past summer, young leaders from all around the world gathered at the YMCA Europe Youth Festival in Prague. One of the main attractions was a giant tree house where everyone gathered to hang out, exchange ideas, and - for some lucky folks - camp out for the night thirty feet above the ground.

Young leaders enjoying some hangout time in Prague at last year's YMCA Europe Youth Festival.

Throughout the festival, the buzz about this clubhouse in the sky was that it was not only a great place to create a community in the treetops but also a good place to relax, unwind, and meditate. While the tree house in the Czech Republic has come and gone, here are a few other places around the world worth checking out. 

Sweden: Treehotel

Costa Rica: Tree House Lodge

South Africa: Pezulu Tree House Game Lodge

France: Chateaux Dans les Arbres

India: Manali Tree House Cottages

Scared of heights? Rise above the frey? How far would you go to get some peace and quiet to find your grounding again?

(photo credits: TripAdvisor)


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