Passion, Relationships, Expertise

A recent article from the Case Foundation suggests that young leaders today are motived to be cause-driven members of the community by three top factors: "passion, meeting people, and enhancing their expertise." What does this mean for the Millennials who are just joining or are already members of the Y? In some ways, it's much more than your mom and dad's idea of what it means to become a philanthropist-in-the-making; for Generation Y and beyond, it's also about having a voice. 

If you haven't already heard, nearly 3 out of 4 Millennials (around ages 18 to 35) share content on social media, realize the value of online communication, are giving & volunteering in new ways we've never seen before, and are using virtual tools to get their messages out. Let's check out how young leaders like you are using Twitter to speak up.


You can't simply just want to change your school, your community, your country, and the world--you also have to be passionate about it. For the young leaders at the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association, they mean what they say: "Get involved." This can be anything from experiential learning with mentors, service to the community, and activism in local governments. 


Now, we all know the power of social media to bring people together online, but the ultimate call-to-action is when our young leaders can gather friends and family to socialize, build genuine relationships, and learn from each other's diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This is just one example of the good work they're doing cnnect the community at the Philadelphia Freedom YMCA


So, here's YMCA College Youth in Government wishing their followers good luck with their college acceptance letters, "No matter where you end up." Well, wherever "end up" is, we can guarantee you that you have to start somewhere and that the Y's a good place to begin when it comes to the foundations of early success and achievement. Kids today can gain the expertise to be the young leaders of tomorrow by taking a look at the Y's education and leadership programs across the country like the our leaders club, mentoring programs, Black or Latino Achievers, and Youth and Government™.

Passion. Relationships. Expertise. It's everywhere - both online#ymca and offlineFind Your Y .

What's motivating you to be a young leader who cares about the community? What inspires you?  Do you have the passion, relationships, and expertise to succeed in this world?




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