Pack Up the Moving Truck, This Is Where You Said You Want to Live

You ranked the top 25 cities for Millennials to live in the U.S., and we're giving you a run down of links to check out these neighborhoods yourself.

  • Do the low, low rents of Austin, Texas sound appealing to you? [Biz Journal]
  • Music lovers love the crate-digging, throwback culture of the vinyl record scene in GreenPoint, Brooklyn. [Time Out]
  • Arlington, Virginia just might have this year's bragging rights for highest paid entry-level careers. [Arlington, VA]
  • They just want to play rock and guitar near Wicker Park in Chicago. [Bucktown Arts Fest]
  • You've got the degree, college is behind you, so why not a fresh start in Minneapolis? Best city for recent grads. [Biz  Journal]
  • Raleigh's downtown neighborhood's going through a "Renaissance." Your stomach will love that too.  [The Raleigh Connoisseur]
  • Innovation starts here: San Jose []

Do these towns have everything you need to live, work, and play?

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