The Next 10 Minutes Could Change Your Life

This week on Quora, one contributor asked, "What can I learn right now in just 10 minutes that could be useful for the rest of my life?" 

As you can imagine with such a loaded question, the comments ranged all over the board. One viewer advised, "Meditation. If you have never meditated, learning to meditate is one of the best things you can learn (start to learn) in ten minutes and the benefits of meditation will last you a lifetime..." Another person suggested you can map your "career DNA" in just under ten minutes, whatever that means. Our favorite response? Juggle. "It requires a requires a paradigm shift --to understand that you don't have to have 3 balls in their at any given time, but really only one, since you have 2 hands. Then it's easy, like so many other things."

So, given that there are 24 hours in a day, there's plenty of time to make the most of your life. 

What are some things that you can learn in ten minutes that will be handy in the years to come?



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