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Did you ever catch this article about a young leader from Ohio who had a vision of making school easier for the disabled? Known as “Daniel’s Proposal,” this amendment to YMCA Conference on National Affairs (CONA) hopes to improve special needs programs for people like Daniel, a young man from Ohio with Down’s Syndrome. The author of the proposal, a new “mayor” named Kyle Denman, presented his proposal to CONA, wishing to, “speak to those who cannot speak for themselves,” after a spending the past year researching the Disabilities Education Act. Not only is Kyle a champion of Daniel, but also he’s his friend. 

The reporter does a great job of highlighting this Y leader’s great impact in the community, while at the same time posing a great question for us to think about: Where will the leadership of the millennial generation come from? We’d like to think that Kyle isn’t an exception and that there a thousands of more motivated Gen Yers out there.

A look across the county proves he’s not alone. 

In Phoenix, the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA offered access to ASU students to the new facility in hopes that the urban center would help advance their careers and inspire them to give back to the community in much the same way that Kyle has. It’s an initiative designed to allow young leaders to mix with business leaders in the area when it comes to influencing public policy and governance. 

So, what are some issues you’d like to take on in your community? Is there something that inspires you to do some good work much likes Kyle’s proposal will do to improve the lives of students with special needs? Or are you motivated by other global issues outside of your town?

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