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A few years ago author and solutionary, Seth Godin, offered something for us to think about in one of his books about community: as blogs and social media channels are connecting us together and at fervent pace and at an exponential rate, we're creating online tribes that are getting bigger and bigger, upwards in the tens of thousands and into the millions. But every tribe has a visionary and someone to take charge of the ideas that link us together. So, when it comes to the awesome, thrilling, ever-changing being that is the Web, who's going to step up and lead? 

You make a difference, whether it's commenting on this blog or following someone else's words. Each line you read, each link you share, helps build our tribe and the things we have in common like hopefulness, open-mindedness, and determination. In a way, we are all called to lead and are armed with tools like our smartphones and tablets to do our part every day (and maybe even more than every day, but 61 minutes a day!).

Use your time online wisely. Don't just be a lurker. Step up and lead. Leave a comment on a blog. Get a discussion going. Share an idea that you think might be useful to another friend. You never know what difference you're going to make unless you put yourself out there. That's what make us such great young leaders today. 

What are you doing to lead the online generation? 

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