More F.U.N.

Apparently, what you want is more fun at work. Not only that, but also young leaders across the country are "very exciting about partaking in creating a community... looking for those opportunities... not just looking to write a check" (bizjournals). Okay, so here a few ways we imagine you having fun at work while giving you the freedom and space to be passionate about a job that's more socially responsible and making a difference in this world (work/balance, right?).

Hide the Stapler.


Okay, it's 3 o'clock on a Friday and nobody's thinking of next Tuesday's big meeting. Scavenger hunt! With this app, you and your colleagues can take fifteen minutes off to form teams, look for random treasure items, keep your players connected, and creative a positive experience amongst coworkers. How's that for creating an instant community?

Lip Sync for Your Life.


All you'll need is a quiet conference room, a smartphone to play some tunage, and a ton of self-abandon to take on your co-worker in a lip-syncing battle. They say change starts with the community; well, in this village, everyone moves their lips and nobody has to sing well!

Flash Mob.


We're hoping your boss has a sense of humor for this one. Take it to the lobby and everyone break out at 12:01 p.m. (we're guessing the grand poobah will be a little forgiving if your performance actually sends a message about making the world a better place... if not, just tell her putting together the choreography was all about project management!).

What are some other ways you're having fun at work while building a sense of community?

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