Making the Most of Living in a 12 x 12 Box

Maybe it's your new dorm room. Maybe it's living in a city like New York or Paris. Maybe you dream of moving out one day and find yourself living in a 129 square-foot apartment. The good news is that, we, Millennials are are resilient group of young leaders. Heck, we'll even learn to live out of a tree, if we have to.

Resourcefulness takes on a whole new meaning when the only thing separating you and the four walls you're living in is an arm's length in either direction. But don't fret -- here are some tips for making the most out of your small living space.

  1. No dining room? Get yourself a pull-out table and stackable chairs. You'll need somewhere fancy to eat those bags (and bags) of ramen. 
  2. Create a calming effect with uniform canisters. Why should buy into this? Because Oprah said so. 
  3. Go green. And not just because you care for the environment (well, yes that). But also, because the color green has a soothing effect that might make a difference when living in cramped quarters. 
  4. Light up your life - for real. The less lighting, the smaller your space will be. Pick up a lamp or two to create a sense of space
  5. Do you really need all those appliances? Save some space by getting rid of bread makers that you're never going to use or old stereos that could easily be downsized to an iPad Nano. 

So, how do you make the most out of your small living space?

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