Make Your Own Luck

You know the saying, "Find a penny, pick it up..." Even if you buy into that, it's an auspicious sign that's only supposed to last for the rest of the day anyway. For all other days you're not coming across those tossed-aside copper coins, try making your own luck. Here are a few pointers that might help tip things in your favor this year. 

  1. Write down a goal and follow through with it. 
  2. Visualize the tiger. #roar
  3. Life is abundant, which means so are the opportunities if you know where to find them. Keep your eyes open and look at the world with not with rose-glasses but rather curiosity and a healthy dose of daydreaming. 
  4. Money isn't everything. This is a cliche for a reason; it's a universal truth. For all the pennies you pick up in life, it's not going to pay for the genuine connections that friends, family, and your close mentors will bring you in this life. Focus on the true things that make you happy. 
  5. Time for an attitude adjustment--that is "yes" for "no," glass half full for empty, hopeful for hopeless, and so on. 
  6. Failure is a good thing. It just means there's another path out there where you'll find some success. That's what defines determination. 
  7. Not a big fan of where your life is headed? Rewrite the stories you tell about yourself. Be positive. Believe that you deserve more. You can. You will. End of story. 

What are some words of advice you have for others down on their luck?


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