A Lion's Roar Can Be Heard 5 Miles Away

True fact.

Also, true: we've had an entire summer full of young leaders who spoke up and could be heard from across the country through the Y's blog. Here's a recap of our guest bloggers raising their voices and making their mark from teaching kids how to read to starting up summer food programs to giving career advice. Thank you, bloggers!

Do you want to share your voice too?  Take this brief survey to tell us what interests you. The premise is simple:

  • Think. You choose a topic to write about that you can think will make a difference in people's lives from teaching a young kid how to read to getting in shape with a work out buddy to volunteering for a summer camp. 
  • Inspire. Write 1-to-2 paragraphs or a record a two-minute or less video that will inspire others to do something today. 
  • Share. Send in a candid photo of yourself and a short bio to get the word out about the things that are important to you. 

Happy blogging!

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