How Much Sleep Do You Need?

You just crammed for an all-nighter before a big test tomorrow. Maybe it's Sunday night, and you're lying in bed wide awake at 3 in the morning when your alarm for work's going to go off at 7. Or perhaps you just stepped off a plane and no matter how you adjusted the head rest or your neck pillow, you still couldn't get more than two hours of shut eye. Just how much sleep do we need to be productive and lead a well-rested life?

According to Sleep Foundation, you kind of have to look a the big picture. What's your body telling you to do after six hours in bed: get up and get going or crawl back under the covers? Are you overweight or do you have any other health issues that would affect your sleep? Did you pour one cup of coffee today or seven? How much sleep you need really depends on a lot of factors, though we like 9 to 10 hours for teens and 7 to 8 hours for young adults. 

In any case, here are some tips to get as much sleep as your body needs no matter what age you are:

  • Try going to bed at the same hour every night.
  • Try not to watch TV or eat in the same place you call your bed.
  • Try to keep your bedroom dark (gotta love those east-facing windows!).
  • Try to cool it - really - keep that bedroom just below room temparature. 
  • Try not to force it; if you can't fall asleep, stay up and read or something till the ZZZs kick in. 

Sweet dreams, young leaders!




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