There's a lot of chatter buzzing around with what you can do to be happy. Here are some tips that will put a smile on your face today.

  1. Do something creative. Write. Paint. Compose the next song about being happy. Just do something fun and artistic. 
  2. Build relationships. Both on and offline. You never know where this will lead you. 
  3. Feel the heat. No, really. Eat some peppers. Spicy foods are known to release endorphins, which can lead to being in a better mood. Just have a glass of water handy. 
  4. Be thankful. Every day. And just don't think it. Share with someone why you're grateful. 
  5. Surround yourself with happy people. It's infectious. And so is this song:


There are no rules when it comes to being happy. What are some things that put you in a good mood?

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