Finish What You Started

Over on our runner's blog, Coach Tony Van D would probably give you the following advice: If you start a race, finish it. We happen to know this is good advice - take for instance, Mamie who would argue it's not how fast you run the race but that you finish at all. We love that. As such, crossing the finish could also apply to everything else in life, especially when we, young leaders, seem to be part of the "Now" generation: Instant access. Instant feedback. Instant gratification.

At the Y, we hear some of our members' best traits are being nurturing, genuine, hopeful, and welcoming. But what about being determined? That is, starting a task and finishing it. Never giving up and following through. I mean, we've all done it before: if something doesn't come quickly, we jump ship. However, just wondering what beautiful and amazing things would come about if we "stuck with it," embraced the challenge, and celebrated at the end. 

We still have more than a few more months left for 2014. There's time to see things through. If you start a novel, try finishing it -- at least a few chapters. If you planted something out in the garden, get back out there and make sure you have something to harvest in the fall. If you signed up for some volunteer work in your community, be committed; the rewards will come in the end. Whatever you do, cross that finish line. 

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Where does your power come from to see the race to its end?


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