Finding Balance

Inhale..... I am....

Exhale.... Balanced....

I am balanced.....

As these words hung in my mind during a recent morning's meditation, I began to realize that I didn't even know what this meant for me or what this would look like in my world.

Balance is something we all struggle with.  Work-life balance has been shown to be a key predictor as an indicator of stress level. Knowing that, how do we get there? The first thing that we need to acknowledge is that true balance will never exist. There will be times where work-life requirements will take precedence and others when a larger focus needs to be on your family or yourself.

There are a few things we can do to create more balance in our life.

●     Prioritize and set goals: Take some time at the end of your work week to organize yourself for the next week. Set goals and prioritize the action steps to achieve those goals. Block appointments on your work schedule to have some closed door (or offsite) work time. Do the important tasks when you are at your best.

●     Be present: When you are at home, be at home. When you are at work, be at work. With technology,  we sit in meetings or at dinner checking our text messages and email. Practice being in the moment that you are in, right now.

●     Take time for you: Find the activity that gives you a sense of peace or joy and make time in your schedule for it. Take care of yourself first- if we don't do that we are unable to fully take care of other people or anything else in life.

Alyssa Gustwiller works at the Lake County YMCA in Painesville, OH as the Director of HR & Leadership Development. She is a trainer for several Healthy Lifestyles courses, facilitates Leading & Coaching Others, and is a coach for the 360 Assessment. Alyssa began working at the Y part time in the Wellness Center and moved into the role of Healthy Lifestyles Director in 2008. When not working at the Y, Alyssa enjoys training for triathlons and teaching yoga. 

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