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We see what you did there, Bulgaria. You rounded up 128 volunteers, gathered up 6,000 CDs, and then strung them all together to make not the world's largest sculpture of outdated music technology but rather a beautiful piece of public art overlooking the Black Sea. Kudos to you and for cleverly designing this community project.

Show of us hands: when was the last time you actually bought a CD? Do you even own a CD?  Was R.E.M.'s Automatic for the People from your dear 'ol uncle's music collection your last ancient digital tech sighting? That's okay. No judgments. If you're looking for a quick way to rally the troops to make your own artistic statement out of the tossed aside & discarded, then check out these Ys across the country whose art classes are inciting a little creative passion in our communities.

Source: Slate

For instance, the Pat Jones YMCA in the Ozark has a wood carving class to put your hands to use. Surely, somebody's got an old rocker or crib out there that's ready to be reimagined as your community's next stand-and-deliver art piece.

The cats out in New York have beaded jewelry on their minds these days. If you're thinking those little colorful glass stones at the bottom of your 1-800-Flowers vases that you were just going to toss out anyway are totally screaming, "Hanging Beaded Art Mobile!", then this might right for you.

Way up in the lakes, they came up with something called Quilting for a Cause. Think wide, open park. Quilting panels everywhere. Your message seen by hundreds. Enough said.

What do you think of the giant CD art display? Tacky or inspiring? Is there something in your community waiting to be recycled and transformed into something so much more than just a box of junk waiting for the garbage truck to come by?

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