Change the World… One song at a Time

Some days, you need a little music to get you going and thinking about how the world needs to get better. Check out these five songs that will give you a little boost of inspiration—and then post some other lyric videos to encourage others to embrace the spirit of social responsibility.

Wake Me Up – Avicii 
It may be a monster hit and in heavy rotation at the clubs, but the lyrics will make you feel like an old soul ready to take on the world. #BeCauseY
Six years after John released this song, there’s one thing that’s apparent—we still have a long way to go and, yes, maybe we are waiting on the world to change. Let’s do something about it!
Rhythm Nation – Janet Jackson
This one probably belongs to #throwbackthursdays, but just admit—the song’s still catchy nearly 25 years later (don’t worry—we won’t tell anyone it’s on your iPod). #Peace. #Love. And #Base. 
Home – Phillip Phillips
Sometimes the world can feel a little overwhelming when you’re trying to change it—“just know you’re not alone…”
Imagine – John Lennon
This song belongs to every generation—enjoy.

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