​​​​Leadership Smells Like...

... farts.

It’s a common phenomenon that comes in many varieties.

·         The S.B.D.,

·         The slider,

·         The bitburr,

·         The barn owl,

·         The Chinese firecracker,

·         The G and L,

·         The Hic-Hachoo,

·         The crop dust and

·         The dud.

Call it what you will… a fluff, a love puff or your backdoor trumpet, we all know it, and we all do it. We all fart. There is one class, however, that takes this everyday air attack to a whole new level…. Teens.

I recently got back from the annual Youth and Government Session held at our state capitol. It is a wonderful event where upwards of 300 youth come together to have their own mock legislative session to learn how our government works, and how they can be apart of it. The only downside…. I may never recover from the trauma to my nostrils. Why would I expose one of my most beloved senses to such abuse? Well the answer becomes clear when you see the growth of each student after this program.

It is not only my job, but my passion to work with and develop youth and this program in particular gives me the opportunity to be apart of my students development into strong leaders. So in hindsight (pun intended) the farts, fluffs, and failed attempts at perfume cover ups are worth enduring because of the responsibility I have as a leader in each of my students lives. The responsibility to stay around long enough for even the worst lingerer to clear, and the responsibility to care for, guide and lead my students by example.

I once read a book that I would highly recommend called Relational Leadership by Walter C. Wright. In it he explains that everyone is a leader. Whether it be to:

·         your goldfish,

·         your younger brother,

·         your children,

·         friend,

·         employee,

·         or your students.

Everyone has influence in anthers life. I get the privilege of serving my students and employees in a leadership role every week, even if they are stinky.

Who do you lead?

How are you influencing them?

Are you willing to stick it out through smelliest of situations?


Morgan Huber

Teen Coordinator

Monroe/Sky Valley Family YMCA


www.facebook.com/ymonroeteens | www.ymca-snoco.org/teens/monroe

My name is Morgan Huber. I am a 24- year old student and Teen Director. Growing up in the northwest with two older brothers developed my love of adventure and all things outdoors. The best day of my life would be the longest day ever at the river in another country with my family, friends, rope swing, canoe, guitar and bible with time enough to engage in each activity. You can learn more about me and my writing at Morganlacyhuber.wordpress.com. I would classify my post as humorous leadership. 

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